On the fourth Saturday of every month, weather permitting, we cook BBQ with all the fixins’. We enjoy lots of fun and fellowship with our inner city friends at no cost to them. There’s a whole lot of relationship building and honest communicating going on around the dinner tables! A great place for you to get involved!

This event is a great vehicle to get your church or group involved.  Lots of friendship building, encouragment, and even praying goes on around the tables in the midst of it all.  Come down and help by bringing part of the meal and serving our community.  This is a great event for people who’ve never really been in the inner city and who may be apprehensive toward inner city missions.

Areas you can serve:

  • Set up
  • Help us host and serve the meal.
  • Bring your band to play live music
  • Underwrite the purchase of the meat needed for cooking – $100 per meal