One of the core beliefs of BNFsa is that we believe that everyone want to do something to help the poor in their communities, they are just looking for a vehicle.  We desire to one of those vehicles.  The word, compassion in the bible means, “to be moved in the bowels (guts) so much that it produces an action.” This is where we get the phrase, GUTS TO SERVE!”

The poor don’t need our pity, they need to see the compassion of God working thru His followers. We want to provide practical ways that individuals, churches and businesses can serve the poor.

It is easy to get caught up in what we call, CONSUMER CHRISTIANITY.  Where we mainly focus on getting our needs met and lose sight that God wants us to be His voice, His hands and His feet to those in need.  We want to remind Christians and give them opportunities to express  COMPASSIONATE CHRISTIANITY.

Have nothing to die for?  Then you have nothing to live for!  Doing things without power, without meaning?  Tired of the same old, same old?  Don’t want to be entertained?
Want the REAL thing?

View our calendar for upcoming opportunities to serve or learn more about ways you, your church, or ministry organization can serve below.

  • Grocery Giveaway – Individuals and families from our community come and receive food once a month to help feed their families.
  • Adopt a Block – A hands-on opportunity for you to see God use you.
  • Community Party – Our monthly “party” with 200 lbs. of cooked BBQ  and all the fixins’.
  • Hope in Motion – After School Tutoring and Mentoring, and our Wednesday Afternoon Kids Recreation Program.  We need lots of volunteers for this one!

If you can’t attend an outreach, you can still participate by helping fund our work! BnF is funded by private donations from people like you!


  • New Hope Community Church of Round Rock
  • Church of Living Waters San Antonio
  • Living Hope Church-Flower Mound
  • Journey Church San Antonio
  • Alamo City Christian Fellowship-San Antonio
  • Alamo Heights United Methodist Church San Antonio
  • First Baptist Church, Okla. City, OK.

just to name a few! Shouldn’t your name be on the list?!