Our heart is to be a community of followers of Jesus Christ showing the love Christ to all people.

A Community led by a VISION . . . The Youth, The Poor, The Nations.

To advance the kingdom of God among the youth and the poor to transform the city and the nations.

The Youth:

We believe that God wants to raise up this generation to express Compassionate Christianity. It is our desire and call to encourage this generation to bring change. We believe that the gospel of Jesus is the answer to the questions that face them.

We have the ability and desire to take young people into the inner city to work and build relationships in a safe and effective manner.

The Poor:

One of the basic expressions of following Christ is reaching out to the poor and needy. Everybody knows we should, but few have a channel of opportunity. Blood  n Fire will be a synergistic force in the inner city, a vehicle for anyone in the body of Christ to reach the poor …to truly demonstrate the love of Jesus.

Jesus said, “When you have done it to the least of them, you have done it unto me.”

The Nations:

As we seek to reach our city, we also carry the nations in our heart. We know that we are to be a place of preparation, a departure point, for a younger generation.  Blood n Fire purposes to be a vehicle in San Antonio and beyond to partner with and reach the poor of the world as God leads us.

We coordinate at least 2 international trips a year. In the last four years we’ve gone into Cambodia, Mozambique and Burma.  A trip back to Cambodia is planned for September 2016.