WOULD YOU COLLECT GROCERIES FOR OUR FOOD PANTRY? Give your food donations straight to the source for distribution!  Local food banks make us BUY the food from them, the food that we turn around and give away, and the same food that they have been given. We have to pay for it!  Give your food donations straight to the source for distribution!

Your Sunday School class, small group, homeschool group, office, church, get creative, MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Help provide much needed food for our inner city friends.  On the second Saturday of each month our neighbors come to receive food from our food pantry. Each family or individual fills bags with the groceries they need.  A word encouragement is shared with the group, and we take time to pray with the families and individuals that want prayer.  HELP KEEP OUR PANTRY FULL.

You, your family, your group or your church can:

  • Donate food items – you can have a food drive to collect food
  • Help pack and prepare for food distribution.
  • Underwrite grocery and fresh food purchases – $300 per month feeds 75 families
  • Distribute food – be apart of our monthly food distribution.

Young….old…rich..poor…all together in one place. We meet at our Ministry center at 211 Keller. It is a great time of interaction between residents of the inner city and their suburban neighbors, drawn together with a common purpose.